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Green Liquor Clarifier Chemicals

The molten material exiting the black liquor recovery boiler is referred to as smelt. The smelt is sent to a tank where water is added resulting in a liquid known as green liquor. The green liquor contains small amounts of unburned carbon (dregs) and other suspended impurities. The impurities are removed in the green liquor clarifier. Synthex Organics manufactures polymers used in the green liquor clarifier to minimize solids exiting the green liquor clarifier. Typically the polymers used in a green liquor clarifier are dry anionic polymers. The feed rate of the polymer is typically in the range of 0.2 – 5 parts per million based on flow. The suspended solids concentration in the effluent of the green liquor clarifier is targeted at less than 50 parts per million.


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