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About Synthex Organics

Pulp & Paper

Synthex Organics is a privately owned chemical company based on three core values: innovation, integrity and accessibility.

Innovation: Whether it is our formula or yours, we are continuously striving to move our products to the next level. We invest heavily in our products and the supporting infrastructure to maintain a technological edge for all our customers.

Integrity: Quite simply.... Trust. We earn the trust of our customers every day. As a Synthex Organics’ customer, you have access to our company in an unprecedented way. This builds true, lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

Accessibility: We become a seamless part of your operation. Whether it be research, manufacturing, or technical support, Synthex Organics relieves the burden on our customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Synthex Organics is dedicated to the constant push for evolving technologies. A research driven company, we have a proven track record for analyzing the problem and creating the solution in a timely manner. We offer the same dedication regardless of the size of your company.

At Synthex, we have a unique and varied production capability. Currently we have oil-heated reactors, steam-heated reactors, and approximately 20,000 gallons of blending capacity. Colloid Mills and high pressure gap homogenizers assure emulsions and dispersions are uniform and consistent. All manufacturing is done within extremely tight, documented methodologies. Whether we build a formula for you or you use one of your own, you can rely on a consistent product, batch to batch.

The company was started in 1999 with a focus on manufacturing high quality products; primarily antifoams, surfactants and various specialty chemical products for the pulp and paper industry. We are a primary manufacturer of antifoam and defoaming compounds including oil based, water based, silicones, esters, resins, and polymeric materials. Our expertise in surfactant chemistry includes EO/PO chemistry, amine oxides, phosphate esters, fatty acid esters, dedicated purpose blends for alkaline cleaning and degreasing. We engage in significant research and development for products in the pulp and paper industry. Along with a paper analysis laboratory, we manufacture cationic starches, wet end additives, deinking compounds, antifoams, pulping additives, effluent color control, odor abatement, broke treatments, fabric cleaning, and rosin emulsions.

Over the years our expertise has expanded and we have found that our products and technical approach to problem solving are a perfect fit in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Minerals and Water treatment (Boiler, Cooling Water and Wastewater) specialty chemical markets. Synthex formulas are available as original labels or can be privately labeled, it’s your choice. Synthex will produce the labels you require as well as handle freight and documentation. We make every transaction seamless and worry free for you and your customer(s).

Let Synthex Organics be your research and development arm. We have invested the capital needed to maintain an edge in technology. Let this investment work for you. As a Synthex private label customer, you have full access to our analytical and formulation expertise.

Call us and put Synthex Organics’ products and services to work for you.