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Bleaching - Stickies Control

Chemical means of controlling stickies and minimizing their effects on the operation of the mill include pulping pH and temperature, wet end chemistry control and chemical treatment programs.

Stickie contaminants are a problem for recyclers of market pulp and the papermakers using it. Increased use of pressure-sensitive adhesives has intensified this problem in recycled furnishes. The chemical composition of Stickies varies in the type and amount that are found in the different grades of recycled fiber. Stickies can cause machine availability and quality problems. Both chemical and mechanical methods are used to control the effects of stickies. Chemical methods include solutions of enzymes/surfactants/dispersants/passivators that break down stickies into water-soluble particles to prevent deposition on the machine clothing. Mechanical methods use screens, cleaners, dissolved air flotation, and washing stages. A successful strategy to control stickies will result in an increase in brightness in the finished product, improved/increased production and a reduction in the quantities of cleaning solvents, and significant reduction in downtime. Contact us to find out how our team of professionals can assist you in developing a comprehensive approach to controlling stickies in your facility.


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