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Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

Synthex Organics is committed to helping you in every phase of water treatment for the boiler system in your facility. We look at the water source when it enters your facility and every piece of equipment the water passes through in the pretreatment process to make sure the boiler feedwater is properly prepared for use in the boiler and steam making facility and equipment. Our total system approach will help you minimize the total cost of operation (TCO) keeping the boiler internal surfaces clean and maximizing the efficiency of your steam generating facilities. We understand that successful boiler operation requires a total system approach to:

  • External Treatment - Feedwater conditioning before the water enters the boiler
  • Internal treatment- Protect and keep the internal boiler surfaces clean
  • Steam/Condensate Treatment - Protect the integrity of steam distribution and condensate return systems, maximize condensate return, and energy conservation


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