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Crushing & Grinding Aids

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Chemical reagents are added during each stage of the mining and minerals manufacturing process. Grinding aids include solutions of glycols, esters of glycols, alkanolamines or carboxylates of alkanolamines.

Synthex Organics manufactures a broad range of chemicals for the mining and minerals processing industries:

Defoamers - Defoamers and antifoams provide a means to control the level of foam and/or eliminate nuisance foams that interfere with control of production processes. Synthex Organics has a wide range of products that can achieve control in your facility. As a manufacturer, Synthex Organics can develop customized formulations that outperform off-the-shelf products in almost every application.

Dewatering Aids - Dewatering aids are used to reduce the moisture content in the filtration of mineral slurries, such as sulfide flotation concentrates, iron ore concentrates and coal concentrates and tailings and alumina trihydrate in the Bayer process. Synthex Organics' dewatering aids can significantly increase production rates and lower energy and transportation costs.

Dust control agents - Synthex manufactures dust control agents for a variety of applications; road dust, landfills, construction sites, coal ash, limestone and mineral ore storage piles, conveyor belt transfer points, crushing operations, etc. Synthex Organics' team of experienced professionals can help you choose and apply dust and erosion control products and solutions for the industrial sector.

Floatation Aids - Contact Synthex Organics for information on floatation aids used in the recovery of minerals processing applications

Flocculants - Synthex Organics manufactures a full range of flocculants that includes anionic, nonionic and cationic flocculants, for maximum performance in many applications. Our products are backed by a team of experienced professionals who are experts in field applications. We will help you achieve the optimum performance of chemicals and equipment.

Scale Inhibitors -Scale inhibitors can eliminate the precipitation of solids on heat transfer surfaces, piping and equipment. Mineral scale is formed when one or more elements becomes supersaturated in a solution, when this occurs during repetitive heating and cooling cycles, concentration and viscosity build-up throughout the process. Synthex Organics manufactures a broad spectrum of scale inhibitors. Our team of application specialists provide the expertise to make sure our products are applied to keep production uninterrupted and as efficient as possible.

Water Treatment - Synthex Organics manufactures products used in every phase of water treatment. We have the experience and expertise to help you optimize the performance of your boiler, cooling and wastewater treatment systems. Our total systems approach and total cost of operations philosophy to problem solving and chemical applications will help you achieve process, production and profit goals.


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